Not finding stuff at the thrift store? Try this tip

One of the first thrift tips I share with new thrifters is to check all sections and departments at the thrift store, even if it’s not your size because you never know what you’ll find. Items could be misplaced, mismarked, or vintage sizing (which is much different than modern sizing) so doing a quick walk through of other departments will broaden your options. No need to spend a lot of time browsing other sections, a quick glance or walkthrough will do!

My thrift store organizes items by size so I make sure to pop by other sizes just to see what I can find. I don’t wear a small, but could tell that this skirt had potential. Glad I kept my options open, because it fit perfectly and this is my favorite shade of pink!

Blazer, skirt, clutch all thrifted.
Skirt and clutch are unbranded.
Blazer is vintage Tahari

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