Thrifting 101: Shopping Smarter

Brand new shoes at the Goodwill in Jackson Township for only $6

When you shop at places like Goodwill, you’re already a smart and thrifty shopper. But believe it or not, there are tools you can use to become an even smarter thrift shopper. Last month, I mentioned that one of the keys to finding good deals is to shop often but not necessarily buying things every time. Now that you have a good handle on how to navigate a Goodwill store, remember these tips to become a savvy thrifter.

  • Set a budget: Even though the prices are extremely low and affordable at Goodwill GCECO, I always set a spending budget every time I go because I can easily go overboard  buying things that I don’t need, just because they were inexpensive. 

  • Understand the tagging system: This is extremely important! Every thrift store has their own tagging system. Goodwill of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio locations use a color tagging system. Every single item is individually priced with a colored price tag. Every week, Goodwill runs in store discounts where a certain color tag is half off and the other is $1.50. Keep an eye out for the colors of the week for even deeper discounts. Right now, Goodwill is running a special where you can save an additional 20% of your purchase! 
$6 brand new shoes at the Goodwill in Jackson Township
  • Donate: I like to donate at least one item every time I visit a thrift store. Not only does this support a good cause, but it also keeps my closet under control! 
  • Buy staples: I try to make the most out of my thrift store purchases by buying items I can wear several different ways. Here, I styled a $5 striped dress five different ways! 
Store Spotlight: Jackson Township (7257 Fulton Drive NW Canton)
I visited the new Goodwill in Jackson Township for the first time recently and was in thrift store heaven! I found so many great deals including a pair of Zara shoes for $7, the striped dress pictured above, and half of the items I need for the fashion show. This store quickly made my list of favorite thrift stores and I can’t wait to go back!

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This post is part of a Thrifting 101 series for Goodwill Industries of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio. 
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