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Hi, I’m Dina

I’m an Akron-based digital content creator, podcast host, and small business owner. I provide tips and resources to inspire thrifters to save money, keep clothing out of landfills, and tap into their individual creativity.

About Dina’s Days

You know that feeling when you score a great deal and you want to share it with everyone you know? That’s how a thrifter feels all the time. In 2009, I created Dina’s Days as a place to share my love for thrift stores, flea markets, and any place that requires digging through bins to find a treasure. Dina’s Days not only started as a way to share my secondhand finds with the world, but also to start a critical conversation about the cost, creative, and environmental benefits of secondhand shopping. 

Here you will find dozens of thrift tips, style inspiration, the occasional DIY, recipe, and more. Every so often, outfits and thrift tips don’t make it to the blog, so I encourage you to connect on Instagram for frequent posts.

My love for making old things new again started at an early age when I was living in Amman, Jordan. Not having access to many affordable malls or retail stores in Amman in the 1990s, I quickly learned that the best way to fulfill all of my pre-teen interests was to find a way to stretch my limited allowance.  

I’d spend hours circling, highlighting, documenting, and caressing each page of the Delia’s catalog my cousin would mail us from the United States. Afterwards, I would budget my allowance and visit the thrift store to hunt for my favorite things, attempting to replicate the looks I’d dream about in the Delia’s catalog.

This lifestyle continued with me as an adult. When I moved to the United States, I was really introduced to the world of thrifting. Places like Goodwill became my go-to destinations to spend my paycheck in high school.

Today, nearly 95% of my wardrobe is secondhand.  I believe in thrifting because it’s affordable,  great for the environment, and promotes individuality and creativity. My personal style is ever changing with each trip to the thrift store. I do however, have Blanche Devereaux tendencies and can’t resist a fully beaded vintage dress.


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I develop creative projects for thrift, resale, and consignment stores around thrift and bargain shopping to attract customers and achieve growth goals. Contact me to inquire about booking a private event related to sustainability or thrifting.


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