Four Decor Items to Thrift for Halloween

From pumpkins to kitchenware, thrift stores are the first stop I make when I‘m looking for Halloween decor. This year, a tiny purple vase filled with fake flowers at the Goodwill of Greater Cleveland and East Central Ohio’s Foxboro location sparked an idea for an entire spooky tablescape. 

Need some affordable and sustainable Halloween decor ideas? Make old things new again this spooky season and check your favorite store for these four essential decor items that can be repurposed all year round:


I filled a purple vase with black water using food coloring, and placed a plastic skeleton on top to create a bottle of “poison.” I also thrifted orange and purple vases for taper candles, also from Goodwill.  The decor possibilities are endless with vases.


These black wine glasses are possibly the best thing I found at Goodwill this Halloween season.  From fun colors to unique textures, there are dozens of glassware styles to choose from at Goodwill for your decor setup.


Decorating with books is a quick and easy way to add a pop of color or depth to any space. Stack a few books with complementary color schemes, place a candle or vase on top, and you’re set! This year, I used a book about pirates for my spooky display. 


Lanterns are extremely multifunctional. They can be hung, placed indoors or outdoors, on a table, stairs, on a mantel or bookshelf. Here, I used them as anchors for my tablescape. I thrifted seasonal lanterns here, but you can easily find neutral lanterns that can be repurposed for decor all year round. 

Happy Spooky Season!

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