A thrifter’s guide to seeking (thrift)spiration

Whether or not I’m on the hunt for something at the thrift store, I am constantly seeking inspiration – or as I like to call it, thriftspiration. Over the years of thrifting, seeking inspiration has become a habit for me, to the point where I don’t even think twice about it. Why is thriftspiration part of the magic formula for thrifting?

For starters, it helps you cut through the clutter, save time, and money. Inspiration also helps you build the skills you need to efficiently browse a rack and automatically curate in your mind what you like and what you’re willing to give a chance. It also helps you create a more cohesive wardrobe home of things you love and things reflect your personal style.

Here are eight great sources of style inspiration

Retail stores and websites

This is my number one source of thriftspiration. I check to see what my favorite brands and retail stores are carrying every season and add my favorite pieces and styles to my thrift wish list to try to thrift the exact item or better yet, the original item it was inspired by!


Real Simple is my favorite magazine for thrift inspiration. Take pictures of what you like and add them to your thrift lists.

A few weeks later, I found one at Goodwill

From flowerscapes to sunsets, nature’s beautiful colors have inspired quiet a few outfits and decor in my home.

A friend or loved one who has great style

Go shopping with a friend who’s style you admire. Pick up a few tips and tricks and put them in your back pocket.

Celebrities and bloggers

Follow them on Instagram or Pinterest to keep track of looks and brands they wear and that you love.

Search engines like Google and Pinterest

If you aren’t googling what you own, you’re missing out on so much style inspiration! Literally google what you want to style, for example: “red coat outfit” and see how others have worn it. Pinterest is also a great source to search and bookmark for later.

Your closet

Sometimes all we need is to peek inside our own closets and seek inspiration from within versus outside sources. Think of a piece you absolutely love and brings you joy and think of ways you can thrift items that coordinate well with that piece. Soon enough, you’ll have a cohesive and well-rounded wardrobe that consists of things you love.

The thrift store

Walking around without a plan to see where the thrift store takes you is a great tool to build that creative thrift muscle.

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