You Know You’re a Thrifter When…

You know you’re a thrifter when…

  1. You find plastic barbs everywhere you go in your house
  2. You have staples in your clothing tags
  3. You have a lifetime supply of Goo Gone
  4. You had sanitizer in your car before COVID
  5. Paying more than $10 for something at a regular store is a splurge
  6. You’ve considered trading in your four door for an SUV to make more room for treasures
  7. You always have a friend with a truck on standby 
  8. “Thanks it was $5!”
  9. You know what the terms “bins” means
  10. Your shopping bags are stapled shut
  11. You spotted your donations at the store
  12. You bought something you donated at the store
  13. You have an endless supply of reusable bags in your car (that you forget to use)
  14. “It was new with tags!”
  15. “This should be 99 cents!”
  16. “Grandma, I’m going to take you shopping on Tuesday, bring your ID.”
  17. “I paid by the pound” and you’re not talking about meat.
  18. The price of your shoes are permanently written on the bottom of your shoes
  19. You’ve followed people around the store hoping they will put something back

Thanks to everyone on Instagram and Facebook who contributed to this list!

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