How to play a role in removing the secondhand stigma without being a thrifter

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No matter how many thrift finds we post on Instagram and no matter how many episodes we produce on the podcast, there are still some people who never have and probably never will shop secondhand – and that’s totally okay.

See, the thing is, we don’t all have to be thrifters, but we can all play a role in removing the stigma. In episode nineteen of the podcast, we shared a few ways that can help change the mindset about secondhand shopping, without ever having to step foot into a thrift store. For instance, there are a lot of people who find their secondhand items online via sites similar to LeoList, Craiglist and other online classifieds.

Teach children that thrifting is a perfectly acceptable way to shop

Teaching the next generation of consumers that secondhand is a perfectly acceptable way to shop is one of the most important roles we can all play in removing the stigma. Whether or not they choose to thrift, encourage the kids in your lives to understand the value of secondhand shopping and to never look down on peers who wear secondhand clothing, or use secondhand items.

Embrace that it’s making us greener humans

If you’re still not comfortable with the idea of shopping secondhand but someone you know promotes thrift shopping, think of their outfit as one less item in a landfill or incinerator contributing to the global environmental crisis.

Be open to the story behind the thrift

Ask any thrifter about their finds, and they’ll share a story about where they found it, how much they paid, and how it magically appeared on a unicorn at their local Goodwill. Thrifters love sharing their stories and most people – thrifters or not – love a good bargain. Next time you compliment someone’s outfit and they tell you they bought it secondhand, be open to asking more questions. You never know what type of connections could be formed as a result. That’s exactly how Shannon and I met!

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