Eight Underrated Sections at Secondhand Stores

Ever feel like your relationship with a thrift store is starting to get a little stale? We’ve been there. Dina shares her favorite underrated spots at the thrift store that always seem to spice up her relationship with a store when things start to get a little boring. Shannon gives Dina a hard lesson on pop culture news and body positivity, and we talk about what it’s like to shop at regular retail stores after being in the thrift game for so long.

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Eight underrated spots at thrift stores:

Return Rack

Every now and then you’ll come across the leftovers of someone with impeccable style, all perfectly curated for you.

Sheets & Blankets

If you’ve followed this blog and Instagram for long enough you know I’m a cape fanatic. I’ve found two of my favorite plaid capes mixed in with the sheets and blankets.

Halloween Section

So many times I’ve found beautiful vintage and funky dresses and jackets mixed in with the Halloween costumes that sales associates thought were part of a costume.


So many people (including myself) skip over the belts at secondhand stores. probably because there’s so many of them and they are usually an unorganized mess. As a reseller, I’ve found some great designer belts that have been an easy flip.


This is another one of those messy areas that so many people skip over, including avid thrifters. There are some gems mixed in there though! I scored a Kate Spade wallet for $1.50.

The forgotten corners

Most stores have an area where they put odds and ends that don’t really have a place. I found this vintage tartan umbrella mixed in with the canes.

Grab Bags

Some thrift stores will create grab bags of random items. Some times it’s pure junk and every now and then you’ll score a big bag of jewelry, brooches, toys, or craft materials.


What’s one of the things so many of us get every year for Christmas? Scarves. There are so many scarves, new with tags attached at thrift stores. Mixed in with the winter scarves you’ll find some gems too – vintage silk and designer scarves.

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