12 Months of Thrifting: Velvet

From dresses to bodysuits, velvet has been around for centuries. This woven tufted fabric has a distinctive soft feel and adds a luxurious depth to any look. It’s also a staple both at thrift stores and on the runway. That’s why we’re featuring velvet as November’s 12 Months of Thrifting shopping and style theme. 

Not sure how to style velvet? Bookmark these tips: 

Style Tips: 

• Pair velvet with different textures like silk, jacquard, leather, lace, embroidery or embellishments
• Black velvet is classic and timeless, but have fun with other colors like mustard, red, burgundy, emerald, fuchsia, or even teal
• Juxtapose velvet with tough pieces like combat boots, leather jackets, or graphic tees
• Velvet is often associated with fall and holiday and formal wear, but you can easily dress down certain velvet pieces with jeans, jackets, or sneakers

How to clean & care for velvet: 

• Spot clean with a brush and detergent. You can also try a mixture of and lemon juice and baking soda
• Most faux velvet is machine washable
• Dry clean luxurious expensive velvet
• Use a brush to keep the velvet fresh
• Hand wash

Ready to shop?

Every month we provide you with a handy shopping list so when you’re out thrifting you can easily find this month’s thrift theme. 

Mild: Need time to warm up to velvet? Try searching for these items: 

• Boots
• Mule shoes
• Purses – look for interesting shapes and colors
• Choker necklaces
• Headbands

Medium: Ready to take your velvet up a notch? Add these velvet items to your thrift wish list: 

• Wrap-around dresses
• Blazers
• Maxi skirt

Bold: These bold pieces are sure to make a statement. Add these to your Goodwill wish list:

• Suits
• Pants
• Jumpsuits
• Shorts
• Knee high boots

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