Summer Fruit Salad with Vanilla Honey Dressing

I think making a fresh fruit salad should be on every ‘summer to-do list.’ They are so delicious, fragrant, filling, healthy, and easy to make – especially if you’re throwing a bunch of berries in there! I took this salad to a dinner party with me for selfish reasons: I was afraid of the dessert table. I’ve been trying to cut back on sugar so I figured this beautiful concoction will deter me from grabbing mouthwatering Arabic sweets. I made Ina Garten’s honey vanilla yogurt on the side for those who wanted a little more on their salad and of course it was delicious because anything Ina makes is delicious.


What you need:

You can use any type of fruit you want. I recommend berries because you don’t have to cut them and they are in season right now. I also recommend some type of melon for a juicy flavor and adding the bananas before serving. I used:

1/2 a cantaloupe
1 pint of blackberries
1 pint of blueberries
1 pint of strawberries
1 large banana
2 cups of grapes

For the Honey Vanilla dressing, I substituted the honey with agave simply because I was out of honey. Get that recipe here.

Does cutting a cantaloupe or pineapple intimidate you? It’s so easy. Watch this YouTube video for guidance!

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