Cinnamon Raisin Banana French Toast


Every now and then I get a severe craving for crepes or french toast. I found a recipe in the Weight Watchers cook book for guilt-free french toast and I modified it a bit to suit my tastes. This has a fraction of the calories and fat that a regular french toast breakfast would have yet it’s just as delicious. It’s essentially a banana sandwich.

What you need (serves one)

Thomas or Pepperidge Farm cinnamon raisin bread (only 80 calories per slice)
1 egg or egg whites
1 small banana
Honey, agave nectar, or maple syrup. I used honey
Honey or cinnamon flavored cream cheese (optional)


What you need to do:

Heat skillet with cooking spray
Crack egg or egg whites in a flat plate
Dip one side of the bread in egg
Place in skillet
Cut banana into slices and place on top of the first slice of bread in skillet

If you want to add cream cheese you can spread some on the bread and then place bananas on top

Dip second piece of bread in egg and place on top of the banana
Flip toast once or twice
Serve with honey or maple syrup


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