A Middle Eastern Breakfast

Having guests over for breakfast and brunch beats dinner parties any day. They are more laid back, sometimes more delicious, and you have the rest of the day to recover. My family and I had a Middle Eastern throw down recently, and I was reminded of the many breakfasts we’ve had together and how my mom would have an entire feast ready before I would even roll out of bed as a teenager. Some of my best memories with my sisters and mom are at the breakfast table. Here’s a little walkthrough of a recent get together we had, the presentation of the food was so good, I had to snap a few pictures.

{hot water is ready!}


{fresh mint for tea}
{mom’s home made pepper salsa}
{mom’s home made manaeesh. pictured here,  thyme and sesame seed with olive oil on homemade pita bread}
{home made hummus with peppers and mint}


{mom’s homemade cheese}


{all done and ready for a nap}


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