Tips For Selling Your Items On Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace has made it easier than ever for people to sell their unwanted items with a few clicks. In fact, in a previous episode, we attributed the decline of local garage and yard sales to the accessibility and ease of selling on Facebook Marketplace. In this episode, we share our experiences, including tips for casually selling your miscellaneous household items on Facebook Marketplace. Tune in or keep reading below.

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Decide if this is the right approach for you

Before you invest your time into this process, decide if listing your items on Facebook Marketplace is for you. There are a lot of factors that go into buying and selling on Facebook, including communicating with buyers, meet-ups, shipping, and more. If this doesn’t sound like it’s worth your time and effort, consider just donating your items to a local organization instead.

Price low, move items fast

There are certainly ways to make big bucks selling on any online marketplace platform, including flipping, repurposing, and more. But if you’re just looking to declutter your home and get rid of unwanted items like toys, kitchen items, or games for example, price low to move items quickly. Think of this like a yard sale . Remember, these items that are most likely going to end up in the donation pile next time you do a cleaning haul. Plus, $10 here and $15 there add up quickly!

Choose your audience

The great thing about selling on Facebook Marketplace is that you can decide who sees your listing based on specific criteria such as location, age or even gender. You can also choose to list your item to a broader audience. You can even click on the buyer’s profile to see more information, depending on their privacy settings.

Don’t worry About Perfectly Edited Photos

Sure, photos can make or break your listing and you want to make sure that the items are clearly visible and not blurry. But the standards for selling photos on Facebook Marketplace aren’t nearly as high as selling on other marketplace platforms like Poshmark or eBay. This is good news for casual sellers, you can quickly snap a few pictures of your item as you’re cleaning or decluttering.

Make Note of What Sells Well

Facebook Marketplace allows you to sell a wide range of items, including used or new products, furniture, electronics, clothing, vehicles, and more. But we’ve found that certain items tend to be in demand more than others. Make note of what sells well for you and research what’s in demand (Facebook will sometimes send you notifications telling you which categories are currently in demand). For example, for me, toys, mirrors, bundles of kids clothes, and wall art move very quickly.

Bundle Items When Possible

I’ve had terrible luck attempting to sell kids clothing individually. However, bundles of children’s clothing sell very quickly for me. If you have quantities of like-items such as clothing, toys, candles, etc. consider bundling and setting a fair price.

Use the Tools Available to you

The selling tools on Facebook Marketplace are fantastic. You can easily renew, or delete and relist listings with one click. Be sure to keep up with renewing your listings so they show up at the top of search results.

Use Common Keywords in Your Titles

Think of words that you would use to search for this particular item to help buyers find your listing.

Beware of Scammers and Pesky Buyers

Never, ever respond to a message asking you to take the transaction offline. Don’t share your phone number, email, or any personal information. Additionally, if a potential buyer is rude, feel free to block and ignore!

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