Interviews with Very Important Thrifters: Yelitza Nieves-Caraballo @picnic4allseasons

We talk a lot about how to make secondhand become second nature on the podcast, and when it comes to that concept one specific person comes to mind: Yelitza.

Yelitza Nieves-Caraballo is a Northeast Ohio native, educator, avid thrifter, sustainability advocate, and owner of Picnic 4 All Seasons. Yelitza has been thrifting her entire life. It started out of necessity for her and family and now she flexes her thrift muscle to reimagine what picnics can look like. She creates extravagant experiences to help you celebrate the big moments in your life, or the small magical ones with a luxury outdoor picnic. Join us on nature’s stage as we get to know Yelitza of Picnic 4 All Seasons.

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