Thriftspired by: Olivia Palmero’s Yellow Coat

Time for a secondhand story called How to Trick the Thrift Gods.

I’ve had a yellow wool coat on my thrift wish list for probably two or three years ever since I saw Olivia Palmero’s coat years ago. Although I did find yellow coats many times, they were never really what I had in mind – I wanted either a pea or funnel neck coat in a specific shade of bright yellow- so I kept passing since it wasn’t really a priority and I didn’t wanna thrift something I truly didn’t love.

Finally this year I gave up and splurged on one I found on sale at Nordstrom Rack. I kept the tags on and didn’t wear it right away in case I started to feel buyer’s remorse.

Immediately the thrift gods were like ha ha lol we were JK girl, and placed the EXACT coat I had in mind, in my size at Goodwill for $8. I returned that coat faster than you can say #thriftlifeisthebestlife.

These are the finds that make me value my clothes that much more!

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