Where Have All The Garage Sales Gone?

We had an amazing summer treasure hunting and bargain shopping. But one question left us scratching our heads: where have all the garage sales gone?

Living in the Midwest, you can easily find a garage or yard sale practically every weekend during the summer months. But this year, we had such a hard time finding sales in our area, even in our usual spots. We share some theories why in today’s podcast episode:

It’s Easier And More Cost Effective To Sell Your Stuff Online

Hosting a garage sale, no matter the size, is a lot of work. People are finding it much more cost effective to list their used items on places like Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up, Next Door, and online groups.

We’re Decluttering More Frequently

With the pandemic came home projects, renovations, and lots of reorganizing. We are guessing that many of us are decluttering more frequently throughout the year, so there’s not enough to have a sale come garage sale season.

Customers Are Opting For Online Shopping

Just as many of us are finding it’s easier to post our used items online, many customers are enjoying the convenience of browsing specific items online rather than taking the time to research sales and drive to sales in their area.

How are the garage sales in your area? Join the conversation!

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