DIY Rose Rope Garland

If you can’t tell from my Goodwill fashion show collection, I’ve been really into everything floral lately. I had a few roses left over from my party and couldn’t get myself to throw them out because they look just as beautiful dried. In an effort to make and wear the things I’ve been pinning, I decided to make a rose garland for my bedroom window using this as my inspiration. Ideally, I want to make a flower curtain but don’t think I’ll ever get around to it, so this simple garland will do!

The decor in my bedroom is very minimalistic with white sheer panels and white bedding with hints of natural colors, so this garland added the perfect amount of whimsy to the room. It actually made me feel calm and at ease when the sun was shinning through the window behind the roses – despite the fact that it was snowing and freezing in March.

I simply attached the rope to curtain holdback and trimmed the roses with just enough stem left to hold it up with a clothes pin.

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