DIY Seashell Candles

I’m not sure why I fell off the DIY bandwagon. For a while, I was consistently making things and sharing them on the blog. I had such an inspiring visit with my cousin in New York City this weekend and I think I left energized to try something creative again. To say this was an easy project is an understatement. I was expecting a colossal Pinterest fail as I was making these candles and it was so simple I actually did in between cooking dinner and doing laundry.

When I went to North Carolina and Brazil this summer, I brought home tons of seashells that I put in a vase. I got some seriously big ones in North Carolina that were perfect for this project. They are SO cute! These are definitely very aesthetically pleasing, however, if you’re after something that gives off more of a scent, I recommend investing in a scented candle or even a wax melt burner from somewhere like Little Miss Twiggie Twinkles or another shop similar to find what you’re after! But if you’re as obsessed with these sea shell candles as I am, then here’s how to make them in less than 15 minutes:

What you need:
Large and deep shells
Tealight candles
Candle warmer

What you need to do:
Melt the wax from the tea candles on the warmer
Once melted, carefully remove the wick
Carefully pour the wax in the shell
Allow it to harden just a bit, not completely
Gently put the wick in the wax
Allow to harden completely



That’s it!

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