Decorating with Houseplants

Decorating with plants if one my favorite things to do around the house. I’ve replaced many of our trinkets with plants and succulents over the last year and I couldn’t be happier with this decision. Plants are not only inviting and good for the air in your house, but they are inexpensive and totally making a decor comeback. The only bad thing about it is that once you start, you’ll find it’s hard to stop!

My favorite ways to decorate with plants:

Thrifting unique planters
I love to buy planters from the thrift store and always look for neat little bowls or mugs for succulents. One of my favorite finds are these brass bowls I got at Goodwill Akron for 50 cents a piece. Do a quick search to see how to plant your plants in a planter without drainage.

Floating shelves
This area at the top of our stairs has to be one of my absolute favorite places in our house. These floating shelves from Amazon were perfect for a collection of succulents.

I always find bottles at the thrift store and opt for the simple, clear ones. I put baby’s breath in a glass bottle in our dining room and a simple green branch in a teal bottle for a pop of color in our living room.

My friend taught me the trick of taking off the covers of hardcover books to expose their color and typography. I opt for grass green covers or bright pink to contrast with the green plants. This spot at the end of our hallway is another one of my favorite spots.

Hanging planters
This is where I have to refrain myself from going overboard. If I move into a place with a sunroom I think I’d have half a dozen of these hanging at different lengths. This plant hanger from Amazon was very inexpensive and easy to work with.

Fake plants
I do this carefully and in moderation. If I can buy a real plant over a fake one, I will any day. Even more so since there are various online stores where you can find your perfect house plant. However, there are certain spots in our house that don’t get enough light but call for a pop of color. Our bedroom is a well-lit room but we keep the blinds closed most of the time so I didn’t want to risk killing a plant in there. These fake orchids are beautiful and totally look real from afar. Highly recommend them for a neutral space like a bathroom or hallway!

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