7 Simple Ways to Get Your Outdoor Area Ready for Summer

It’s patio season! We’ve been getting our outdoor space ready for summer by making it a comfortable, functional, and stylish space. Although our enclosed back patio is one of our favorite rooms in the house, I found myself avoiding this space because it’s hasn’t been inviting or comfortable (i.e, we tend to use it as s storage space all year round). We’ve been spending lots of time cleaning, and researching to make this outdoor space a blissful place to be every summer. Here are some ideas that might help others in the same boat!

Create Shaded Areas

If your backyard area is somewhat lacking in the shady tree department, don’t fret. Shade does not have to occur naturally, although it is a beautiful bonus if it does! Hang up shade sails with at least 90% UV block to achieve the best shade. Consider the angle of the sun when hanging them because the sun’s orientation will affect the efficacy of the sails. If you want to take your shade game to a new level, build a shade house. Shade houses, sometimes called lath houses, were built in the 1800s to protect delicate plants from the elements. These days, they are often used to provide a shady outdoor living area.

Plant Flowers

Garden maintenance can make all the difference between a decent summer flower garden and a beautiful one.

Plant flowers in all colors in your backyard, de-head old plants, get rid of any weeds, and always remember to water your beds. You can use water sparingly or harvest rainwater and use that instead of water out of the tap.

Flowers will add a fragrant scent of summer to your space, not to mention add character and appeal to the area. Add potted plants to your patio to add a boost of greenery to the space.

Swimming Pool

No summer backyard project is complete without the addition of a refreshing swimming pool to help beat the heat. Owning a pool can bring fun and serenity to your outdoor space, depending on how you intend to use it. They also boost the value of your property and can help keep you and your family in shape. Adding a swimming pool to your backyard will help make the space a hub for family and friends. Complete the look of your pool area by adding one simple element – the humble paver. Pavers are perfect for an outdoor environment because they are so durable, easy to install, and add an element of safety to the area around swimming pools.

Add a Pergola

Pergolas add shade, character, and value to your property. They can transform a basic wooden deck into a stylish outdoor living space. Dress up the support structures and slats with climbing vines and add drapes to each of the sides to create pergola magic! Pergolas extend your patio space and can be customized to include privacy elements and incandescent lighting for picturesque nighttime use.

Outdoor Kitchen

This is my husband’s dream project.

Setting up the sun-loving scullery of your dreams is simple when you realize that the same things that make an indoor kitchen great will work in an outdoor environment too – provided they have elements of portability. Approach the design of your outdoor kitchen with an open mind. That space should be multipurpose and promote a direct flow of movement and activity.

Prioritize Comfort

I finally got rid of the uncomfortable plastic chairs and decided to prioritize comfort.

Invest in comfortable, weather-resistant seating with deep cushions to allow guests to stretch out and relax. When your outdoor area renovation is complete, you will be amazed at how much time you and your family will spend there.

Lighting and Décor

Summer is all about outdoor evening entertainment.

Add a little romantic vibe or light up the night with strands of fairy lights – they are the perfect way to boost the ambiance in an outdoor space. Lanterns, candles, and solar path lights are a few more options for lighting. When it comes to décor, add brightly colored scatter cushions, pot plants, and other whimsical knick-knacks to decorate your outdoor area.

I’m so excited to get our space ready and to create beautiful memories that will last a lifetime!

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