School’s Out & These Home Decor Trends Are In

Designer Summer Alaedeen got a sneak peek at this year’s home decor trends at the High Point furniture market and is back with a new guest post as part of our home decor Summer Series.

Now that summer is finally here, I thought I’d pass on some great new trends sure to brighten up your home. As a designer I get the chance to get a sneak peek of the newest decor items at the High Point furniture market in North Carolina, the world’s largest home furnishings industry trade show. I get to peruse through nearly 2,000 exhibitors and over 10 million square feet of showroom space. It’s like I’m Charlie at Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory, the thrill is palpable throughout. So here are my “Mr. Slugworth” secrets I stole to help you decorate your home this summer. At the very least, you can bet that these stylish themes will be shown off in darien homes for sale because the homes they’re selling are beautiful throughout. Often featuring the latest in decor.

Blush and Midnight Blue

The recurring colors seen throughout market were resoundingly blushes and midnight blues. A soft pale pink, blush was everywhere from furniture pieces, rugs to artwork. They were beautifully paired with grays or blacks or standing alone with other shades of pink. It’s a playful color that brings drama or gentleness to a space depending on what color combinations you create with it. The other color still going strong is midnight blue. Dark, rich and luxurious this blue has staying power! This market we saw it paired with gold and acrylic detailing, tufted to make a statement sofa, or sleek and structured as accent chairs. I have seen people pair this colour scheme with neon signs from the likes of Neon Mama to create an urban modern style.


Brass is back, and its taking over! There wasn’t a single showroom that didn’t have loads of brass accented items. From brass legs on furniture , to brass detailing in lights, end tables and accessories. Polished, matte, or antiqued,the look was unavoidable. Coppers, golds, and of coarse chrome finishes were all highlighted at market, so shiny metallics aren’t going anywhere, but brass and gold definitely won the race this market.


Acrylic has been on the rise for the past couple of years, mostly seen in lamps and many forms of end tables and mirrors. It continues to be a clean and soft material used to really dress up a space with its unique weight and crystal-like composition. It continues to expand into other furniture pieces, as side panels for armchairs, bases for ottomans and beautiful trays. I love the use of acrylic in chandeliers and have fallen hard for these gorgeous gems used as cabinet hardware and knobs.

Bold Lighting

Lighting is one of those house decor items people seem to overlook. Maybe because we are used to them being functional parts of our home, but lighting is like jewelry to an outfit, it completes your space. It’s always a highlight for me to view all these amazing light fixtures at market. The variety is unparalleled and I walk in every store mesmerized by the endless selections. An important tip is to go bigger when it comes to selecting lighting for your home. Most people err on the side of safety by picking smaller lights for what the space needs. In order to really make a statement the light has to be balanced with the room, and that usually means a larger light then most people tend to choose. Most people also try to DIY their lighting, but I would definitely recommend looking for an electrician who can upgrade your lighting, similar to those at – you wouldn’t want to get a nasty shock whilst trying to install your new light! Also, you could see whether the electric company you are with are charging you a fair cost for your electrics or whether you could look around for better-priced services, for example from companies like Home Energy Club. It only makes sense whilst you’re sorting out your lighting to make sure everything is in order, in terms of wiring and pricing.


What speaks more to spring and summertime then floral motifs. They were all over the walls of many showrooms creating dramatic backdrops for beautiful furniture and accessories. There are many floral decals now available to give you that incredibly fresh and vibrant look in a home. If wallpapers aren’t your thing, try framed art, rugs or other more subtle inclusions of floral accents in lighting or accent table decor.

Whatever you do this sunny season try to keep these 3 simple points in mind when decorating your space:

  1. Make it your own
  2. Make it fit your style and home
  3. Make it excite you every time you walk in your front door.

Those are my key goals with every client when approaching a new project. I never want to copy and paste a look. Getting inspiration is one thing, but each space and each client has a narrative to tell, let your home tell your own unique story.


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