12 Months of Thrifting: Thrift Something Useful

Have something practical and useful on your shopping list? Thrift it!

We’re kicking off this year’s 12 Months of Thrifting challenge with the prompt to thrift something useful.

Why we chose this prompt:

It’s sustainable: Many of us typically associate second hand stores like Goodwill with mostly clothing and home decor, but avid thrifters know you can find a range of items! Shopping secondhand for those unconventional items on your list is great for the environment and your wallet.

It makes shopping second hand a lifestyle: Find yourself browsing big box retailers when you need something for your home or wardrobe? Try replacing that habit by browsing second hand stores like Goodwill online or in-person first. This habit of putting “secondhand first” is the best way to make thrifting a lifestyle and not just a hobby.

It’s flexible and personalized: The great thing about this prompt is that it’s flexible and allows you to define what you deem as useful. From coats to a box of sewing threads, we’ve seen a range of thrift finds shared under the challenge hashtag #12MonthsofThrifting on Instagram.

To get started, I add everything I need for my home or wardrobe to a thrift wish list. I make sure to include everything on the list, including those so-called unconventional items because there’s always a chance I might find it while I’m browsing at Goodwill.

Five of my favorite useful finds from Goodwill Akron:

  1. Office supplies: I always check Goodwill first for folders, binders, journals, desk organizers, and more for my home-office needs.
  2. Kitchen supplies: We needed a soap dispenser replacement for our kitchen. Typically, I would have just ordered one online from a big box retailer but instead added it to my thrift wish list, because I remembered seeing some in the past at Goodwill. Shortly after, I found a brand new one for a fraction of the online price.
  3. Clocks: I love thrifting clocks from Goodwill because they cost a fraction of the retail price and they are incredibly useful. Just be sure to bring batteries with you to test them out.
  4. Organizational supplies: I always check the Goodwill Outlet first for baskets, drawer organizers, tote bins, and pantry organizers. I have found many over the years.
  5. Craft supplies: I love searching for markers, yarn, poster boards, lamination paper, and anything else on my craft wish list!

Have something to share? We’d love to see it. Use the hashtag #12MonthsofThrifting and tag @dinasdays and @goodwillakron on social media.

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