12 Months of Thrifting: How to thrift wall art

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Thrifting wall art is a true thrift adventure. Looking around my house nearly all of my artwork has come from Goodwill. It adds so much character and I enjoy the thrill of  hunting for the perfect piece for my home. If the wall art department isn’t part of your regular routine when you’re at Goodwill, now is the perfect time to start including it in your thrift rounds. We’re sharing our tips to help you thrift the best wall art.

Thrifting wall art is also a great way to ease into thrifting. There’s hardly any effort involved in the treasure hunting process, and it’s a department you can quickly browse when you don’t have a lot of time to thrift. 

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Abstract Faces from the Goodwill Outlet

Say what?! The Outlet store has wall art? Yes! Some of my best finds have come from the Outlet store including this piece of abstract art. 

Shannon’s floral find from Goodwill

Sunday Morning Breakfast

This piece easily makes the list of my top best Goodwill finds, ever. I found this at the Waterloo store location.

Oliver Gal Artwork

Oliver Gal is one of the most popular art companies in fashion and pop culture. I found the Chanel artwork at State Road. 

These are just a few of the many I’ve found at Goodwill over the years. Need some tips to find the best art work? Keep reading: 

How to thrift art work at Goodwill

  1. Go often and go early. The art department at Goodwill and other thrift stores is a popular department and items move in and out of the store quickly. Most of the time within the same day.  I highly recommend going often (about once a week or so) if you’re on the hunt for the perfect piece. Going early is always a good practice but you’ll want to find out how often your store restocks throughout the day, and go then.

  2. Expand your thrift route. Because the selection at traditional thrift stores move SO quickly, check Goodwill’s auction-based website to browse artwork from Goodwill stores across the country. You can also narrow your search down to browse selections from Goodwill Akron stores by visiting Goodwill’s online store. Check estate sales, yard sales, Facebook marketplace, antique stores. You can also check the new goods section at thrift stores as well. 
  1.  Be open to repurposing. Love the art but not the frame? Love the frame but not the art? These things can easily be changed with a little paint or frame replacement. 

  1. Be prepared. Assess and measure the space in your home where you plan on placing the art before you head to Goodwill. This will take all the guesswork out when you’re shopping. Nothing is worse than leaving a huge piece of artwork behind because you weren’t sure about the measurements.

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