What will end up at thrift stores in five years? We’ve got some predictions

The thrift store: a place where our once beloved and popular items go to live out the rest of their lives until they are found and rescued once again. As styles change and fads emerge thanks to popular platforms like TikTok, we predict that a lot of these new products will end up at the thrift store – like they always do – in the next five to ten years. We’re sharing a list of things that are peaking in popularity at the moment that we believe will end up at secondhand stores in the next several years.

Dash Mini Waffle Maker

Thanks to TikTok this mini waffle maker are always selling out. We believe these will become the new George Forman grill at thrift stores.

Mom Jeans

Old school thrifters remember a time when thrift stores were bursting with the 1980s and 1990s “mom jeans.” Now that they’ve made a huge comeback recently thanks to Gen Z fashion trends, the supply has been a little sparse at secondhand stores. As jean trends change over the next several years, we predict we’ll see a surge in both new and vintage “mom jeans” back where they came from- the thrift store.

Blu-ray Players

Just as Blu-ray players replaced VHS players, we predict streaming will permanently replace Blu-ray players in the next handful of years.

LED Lights (TikTok Lights)

LED strip lights have become a Gen Z signature look recently. We compare this bedroom trend to that of the glow-in-the-dark stars many of us millennials had in our bedrooms. As this fad begins to phase out, we predict that a lot of these LED strip lights will end up in Zip-Lock bags at the thrift stores.

Ring Lights

We’re calling ring lights the next iPod Dock at thrift stores.

Farmhouse Aesthetic

Farmhouse decor exploded in popularity thanks to shows like Fixer Upper. Just as we saw a surge in Tuscan-style decor at thrift stores, Farmhouse will most likely be next as it slowly gets replaced with a new trend.


Rainbows are the new unicorns.

Instant Pot and Air Fryers

We predict that Instant Pots and Air Fryers will join their fellow thrift staple in kitchen appliances: the beloved crockpot.

Mini Brands

Mini Brands will be the next Beanie Baby at the thrift store.

Clear Storage Containers

Restocking videos on TikTok have amassed massive followings and these clear containers are constantly selling out on amazon. We predict these will end up at secondhand stores as new organizational trends emerge.

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