Thrift Fails

Despite all of the amazing thrift hauls we see and post on Instagram, most thrifters will tell you they’ve experienced a thrift fail at some point in time. You know- a beautiful coat that didn’t show its damages until you got home, or that one find you were certain you needed but ended up in the donation box a month later. Whatever it is, discovering your beloved thrift find was indeed a thrift fail can be an uncomfortable and sometimes costly discovery. 

The good news though, is that thrift fails can actually make us better thrifters. So, in this episode, we’re keeping it real by sharing our top thrift fails, how we recovered from them,  and the lessons they taught us about our thrifting habits. 

Lessons We Learned From Our Thrift Fails

• Always try things on
• Shop with intent by creating a list
• Set a budget before you shop
• Don’t give into thrift FOMO (Fear of Missing Out). Ask yourself a series of questions before you buy it (Do I need it? Will I wear it? What’s influencing my decision making process?)
• Shop for the person you are, not the person you want to be. Three sizes too small? Put it back. A style that doesn’t make sense for your everyday lifestyle? Put it back.
• Inspect everything before buying
• Look for stains, tears, broken zippers, or even dupes!

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