How To Clean Thrift Store Finds? 20 Of Our Must-Have Products

These are 20 of our favorite must-have products to help you clean your secondhand and thrift store finds.

20 of Our Must-Have Cleaning Products for Thrift Store Finds

  1. Bissell Little Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner: Great for secondhand soft furniture
  2. Leather CPR: bring secondhand leather back to life with this fantastic leather conditioner
  3. Goo Gone: use on the soles of shoes, to remove pesky thrift store price stickers, and more
  4. Saddle Soap: use to clean / wash leather
  5. Dawn Spray Soap: prefect for cleaning shoes
  6. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser: clean hard surfaces and shoes
  7. Disinfecting Wipes: great for shoes, books, or any hard surface
  8. Dryell Dry Cleaning Kit: save money by dry cleaning your thrifted items at home
  9. Bar Keeper’s Friend: An all purpose cleaner that’s great for furniture, rust stains, or toys
  10. Disinfectant Spray: use on any thrifted item you can spray! From toys, bags to shoes.
  11. Scraper: an inexpensive must-have for any thrifter to remove price tag stickers
  12. Staple Remover: a very simple item that makes a big difference to safely remove those annoying stapled thrift store tags
  13. Murphy’s Oil: Perfect if you thrift a lot of wood furniture or décor items
  14. Astonish Clean & Revive: an amazing product that will revive dingy thrifted glassware
  15. Lysol Detergent: proven to kill COVID-19, this detergent will sanitize your thrifted clothes
  16. Keyboard Duster: perfect to clean furniture, toys or any hard to reach dusty areas
  17. Brasso: Great for brass furniture or décor items
  18. Handheld Vacuum: we love to use these to vacuum the interior of thrifted bags
  19. Handheld Steamer: quickly steam and disinfect thrifted clothing. Add natural essential oils for fragrance!
  20. Fabric Shaver: the perfect product for thrifted sweaters

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