7 DIY Ideas To Add Personality To Your House

Statistics show that the home decor industry is a whopping US$133.6 billion and is expected to grow by a CAGR of 3.89% by 2029. We all know you can find several ready-to-use decorative items in retail stores. However, if you want your home to reflect your personality by adding items that tell a story, nothing beats a DIY project. Here are seven ideas to get you started:

Display spoons and ladles on the wall

If you love to cook and have an impressive collection of spoons and ladles, this is perfect for you. Cut a desirable piece of plywood to mount your utensils and paint it a color that highlights your utensils, if needed.

After drying, lay your spoons and utensils in a specific order of color, shade, or size. Right below the bowl of the spoon, mark spots on each side of them. Remove the utensils and drill holes at these marks.

Keep each spoon in dedicated space and loop fine-gauge wire through the pair of holes on its sides. Twist the wire at the back of the plywood to secure it. Repeat the same for each utensil. Hang the wood with utensils on your kitchen wall once done!

Explore metal art

Another cool way to add a custom touch to your home is to play around with metal art. Get access to plasma DXF files package from a reliable brand. Play around with the designs to create unique and sophisticated metal art that reflects your personality and taste!

With plasma DXF files, you can easily create attractive wall hangings, head-turning sculptures, and customized designs. This is the perfect solution to easily pour in elegance with your own style at home!

Cover a mirror frame with rope

If you have a huge wall mirror at home but the edges look too bland, this will save your day. Grab 1/2 and 3/4-inch manila ropes of different colors and textures.

Cover most of the frame using the ropes and hot glue. To add a decorative hint to the ropes, add a section of braided ropes.

Tie the rope work on each side around the middle with thin sisal ropes. This secures the glued rope further and adds a unique decorative touch.

Create a themed wall

If one or more of your walls are empty, create a wall of memories with pictures. It can be some of the most important pictures of friends and family, scenery, themed posters of your favorite band, or even the wrapping paper of a gift.

Use different frame colors to spruce up the bland wall. You can also look up reusable frames to change the pictures to keep things fresh.

Hang pictures or artwork of varied sizes to avoid a monotonous look. Ensure the pictures are at eye level so nobody misses any of your hard work!

Add floating shelves

Fill in another blank wall with open shelves. These look amazing when displaying small and lightweight books, plants, and decorative pieces. If your décor is colorful, go for a white or light-colored shelf to highlight the items.

Avoid hanging the shelf too high. Otherwise, it might skip the visitors’ eyes.

Build a bookshelf with cane webbing

A unique bookshelf is great for elevating a study space or home office. Start by trimming a caning piece a bit bigger than your shelf opening. With the help of a foam brush, apply glue all over the back of the shelf opening.

Attach the caning to the shelf and use binder clips to hold it in place until the glue dries. After drying, remove all clips and hang your shelf.

Create a chalk wall calendar

Make your home entryway attractive and keep everyone updated with a chalk wall calendar.

With a 1/2 inch wide painter’s tape roll, tape 35 square grids (7 columns and 5 rows) of desirable size to write the dates.

Create two bigger rectangles—a horizontal rectangle on top to write the month and weekdays and a vertical rectangle on the side to write additional notes.

Color the space between the tape with acrylic chalkboard paint. After the paint dries, tape the tape off and write dates, weekdays, months, etc. Add a pushpin right beside the calendar, and hang a piece of chalk to it using a rope.

While there’s no end to creative DIY home décor ideas, these are a few useful and easy ones. Give them a try and spruce up your space!

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