Tartan Umbrella

orange coat

No section of the thrift store is off limits for me. Well, okay the underwear section is off limits for me. One of the most common thrift tips I share at my workshops is to check all sections. You never know what could be misplaced or simply has potential to be something else. I’ve scored some of my favorite cozy sweaters from the men’s section and made a little boy’s plaid shirt my own. This umbrella was tucked away with the canes and walkers in the back. I was browsing the purses, which happened to be near the canes and I know a good tartan print when I see one!

tartan umbrella plaid

If you’re looking for tartan print, the thrift store is the place to be. Since this is such a classic and timeless print, you can always count on finding it secondhand, in many shapes and forms. I’ve accumulated quite the collection of secondhand tartan, including shirts, scarves, skirts, and more.



Coat: thrifted at Goodwill in North Olmsted, $8.
Jeans: Express, sale $20. Sold out but here’s a similar pair from Express.
Scarf: thrifted at Goodwill on Waterloo, $1.
Sweater: my husband’s.
Umbrella: thrifted at Goodwill in Lakemore, $2

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