How to create a fall color palette

TBH, I was completely over summer fashion by say, July. Maybe it’s because I was still adjusting to postpartum life, hormones got me feeling hot all the time, or just the lack of creativity I was feeling.  I was so pumped for fall clothing I switched out my closet in August. Here are my go-to tips for making the transition a fun and seamless one:

Take inventory of what you already have.

In places like NE Ohio where we have 4(ish) seasons, it’s easy to forget what you wore or owned a year ago, especially if you rotate your seasonal clothing in your closet like me. I store what I’m not wearing now in a guest bedroom closet. Then when all the new styles are released at the beginning of every season, I’m tempted to buy, buy, buy. I’ve even been guilty of buying duplicates of some things. So this August, I pulled out my clothes before fall styles hit the stores and I set my favorite pieces aside so I can wear them the most.

Create a color palette.

Wonder why your favorite style icons seem to have effortless style? Because many of them have spent years curating a color and style palette that works for them personally. It makes shopping easier, it makes getting dressed easier, and you feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing. Try this: pick 1-3 go-to neutrals for your wardrobe. I like camel, gray, and cream. Then, pick 1-3 colors for your wardrobe. I like pink, burgundy, and mustard. Mix and match!

My fall essentials:


I swapped my summer kimonos for long and flowy dusters. I have them in a few solid colors like yellow and black but also threw in a couple fun animal prints.

Draped  jackets

The draping makes the jacket look effortlessly elegant and can be dressed up or dressed down. I love the one I found at the thrift store!

Casual sneakers

I can’t believe I went so long without these! Found these Cole Haan sneakers at the thrift store for $8.

Solid color bell sleeve tops

I like these for layering or just wearing them on their own both for work and play.

Flowy tunics

These layer very nicely with dusters and skinny ankle pants.

Floral ankle pants

This seem to be harder to find but I like to keep an eye out for fall florals like burgundy, mustard,  blush pink, and emerald. I got mine at Walmart (not available online).

Leopard print jackets

I scored this one at a local consignment shop

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