Pink Kitchen Rug

Can we just take a moment to talk about my obsession with rugs? I absolutely love all the different styles, materials and rug patterns you can get. You can even make them yourself these days. I can’t tell you how many hours I’ve spent browsing rugs online, especially when sites like exist. My God, there are so many beautiful ones out there! We need a lot of rugs so I started with the rooms we use the most right now, like our kitchen.

I was highly inspired by this and this image on Pinterest. Our kitchen is bright and airy so initially I wanted something neutral like a jute rug but then when a set of yellow chairs were temporarily placed in our kitchen until our white chairs arrived, I loved the pop of color in there. So I used this image as my guide. I did some research online to see which size is best for a 4 chair table and found that an 8×8 rug ensures all your chairs on are on the rug, even when you pull the chair back to get up. Now I have to stop myself from buying a pink rug for every room in the house!


Mid-Century Modern Chairs | Amazon | Shop Exact Chairs
Table | Bed Bath & Beyond | Shop Exact Table
Rug | eSale Rugs | Shop Exact Rug

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