Paint a Dresser Nature Green

When the Ohio seasons changed and we surprisingly all emerged alive after a bitter and cold winter, the trees and leaves seemed exceptionally green. I remember being in complete awe of the greenery in the parks in the months of May and June. One day at Sand Run Park, the trees were so beautifully full and alive, it looked like the entire park was covered by a green blanket. I took a picture of it, saved as my iPad’s wallpaper and felt totally inspired to paint everything in my house that shade of green.


So I picked up a quart of Behr paint in Grass Green from Home Depot and started with my blank, tan dresser. My sister’s neighbor was giving it away for free and I was desperately in need of a something with drawers so I hauled this extremely heavy piece of furniture up a flight of stairs in my last apartment. I thought I was gonna die doing it, so I put off painting it for a year because I didn’t want to have to move it again.

{a Target lamp found in the Marc’s closeouts for less than $10} 

Luckily I didn’t have to move it down any stairs in my new place – just a short walk to the front porch where I sanded, primed, and applied 3 coats of this beautiful shade of green. I  was thrilled when I put the brush up against the trees and grass in my yard it was almost the exact color, since that’s the shade I was going for.

My goal was to keep my bedroom as calming, simple, airy, and breezy as possible when I moved into my new place. I promised to keep all of my clothes in my new walk-in closet and the decorations to a minimum. I hung sheer white panels, bought a white comforter, and placed dried leaves and feathers in white frames. The finished green dresser fit the nature ‘theme’ perfectly.

What you need:

Behr paint in Green Grass with primer
A round paint roller
220 grit sand paper
Crystal clear protective spray

What you need to do:

Sand surface
Clean off surface
Apply a coat of paint
Allow it to dry for about 10 minutes
Apply a second coat
Allow it to dry


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