Is this love? Dos and Don’ts of Starting a New Relationship with a Thrift Store

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Diversifying your thrift route is one of the key elements to being a successful thrifter and for making secondhand become second nature. I attribute my thrifting success to the habit of regularly adding new-to-me stores into my rotation. These are some lessons I’ve learned along the way:

Dos and Don’ts of starting a new relationship with a thrift store:

Do explore outside of your immediate area. We like to try one new store a month.

Don’t judge the store based on the neighborhood or area. I’ve been to some of the worst stores in some of the most prestigious cities and neighborhoods.

Do a quick five minute walkthrough of the store before you focus on one area.

Do a search of the store on social media before stopping in to get a feel of the vibe, but keep an open mind and don’t base your judgement totally on what you see on their page.

Don’t assume all major retail thrift stores are the same. For example, Goodwills are operated by territories so their pricing, layout, and inventory will be different from one city to another.

Do explore beyond typical retail thrift stores and try other ways of shopping secondhand such as antique, consignment, online, and rummage stores.

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