How I Thrift It: Global Treasure Hunting & Colorful Style with Sheena @iamsheglobal

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Our guest this week is Sheena Dersidan. Owner of the luxury travel agency, I Am She Global and digital content creator at @iamsheglobal.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Sheena comes from a family of artists, so creativity runs in her veins. Sheena has worked in styling for TV production and for an interior design house, but it wasn’t until her honeymoon to Asia that she really became interested in travel. She ended up working for a tour operator and the Africa division for many years and now works as an independent travel designer.

Sheena started thrifting heavily because it reminded her a lot of the treasure-hunting she did around the world. We chat with Sheena to learn more about her eye for design, her confidence with color, what it’s like to treasure hunt around the world, and how she thrifts capsule wardrobes for the purpose of traveling around the world.

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