How to Clean a Vintage Leather Coach Purse

I found a beautiful vintage leather Coach bag at the Goodwill Outlet. It was in pretty rough shape but I’ve watched enough TikTok tutorials to know I could bring this bag back to life.

Wash in Warm Water & Dawn Soap Bath

I submerged the bag in warm water with Dawn soap. This helped remove the dirt. You could use a horse hair brush to gently scrub the bag. Please note: not all leather should be submerged in warm water. Older styles of Coach bags tend to do well in warm water because they are unlined and the leather isn’t glossy or textured. Always test on a small area before you clean the entire item.

Air Dry

Stuff the bag with towels or newspaper to reshape the bag. Allow it to air dry.

Clean and Moisturize

I used Leather CPR with a tack sponge to clean and moisturize the bag.

Add Dye, if Needed

My bag needed extra attention along the corners and strap so I used Doc Baileys Leather Black and it really made the bag look brand new again. Allow the dye to dry completely before wearing. It shouldn’t rub off on clothes if you allow it dry.

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