How To Run A Blog For Women

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Writing about women’s fashion can be a challenge, especially when you are at your starting point in this field and want to make your blog as interesting as possible while staying relevant.

If you plan to dedicate your effort to a fashion blog but have no idea what to write about, you have two options. First, you can turn to one of the writing companies that offer help with different types of writing; be sure to check the website information to ensure they have the needed specialists. Or, you can browse this list of tips and head start right now.

Analyze similar blogs

If your idea is not unique and there are some other blogs in the same niche that have followers, browse their content, their style, etc., to see what may hook your potential followers.

Of course, you should not do the same things because such plagiarism is more likely to deter than hook your audience. The reason you visit such blogs is to analyze what works and what does not. It means that you can browse the top posts and the ones with fewer likes and analyze the difference between these postings.

Create compelling content

Having analyzed similar blogs, create your content plan. It would be better to plan for a week, for example, yet you still can leave some blanks in your plan for any hot news. 

Writing a content plan is a very important step to setting a tone for your blog, but first, you should decide how often you want to post new content and what kind of content you want to share with your audience. For example, you can post informative articles only once a week, or you can make three posts of different content like fun, informative, and promotional posts a week.

Think about visuals

This is quite a tricky issue because visuals are essential to make your blog catchy, but you can’t just take pictures from Google. Of course, there are a lot of free stocks where you can get pictures, but you should have plan “B” for those situations when there is no free image to fit your content. In this case, you can buy the needed pictures from stocks, or you can take photos on your own. 

This is another reason why the content plan is essential; when you plan, you can see if you lack a relevant picture and solve the issue in advance. 

Interaction ideas

Interaction with your audience can help you a lot as you can ask them questions and learn what they like about your blog and what is irrelevant. Moreover, people like discussing different news, fashion events, trends, etc., and this could help you come up with relevant content ideas personally for your audience.  

SEO optimization

When you are a freshman in blogging and want to attract new followers and declare yourself, you might need help to make your blog SEO-optimized. With the help of relevant keywords used in your content, your blog is more likely to be suggested to customers who search for information in this field. Moreover, when you see top Google requests in your field, you can also see what interests your potential audience and create posts on the relevant topics.


This is one more way to get new readers and followers. Depending on the platform, there are various promotion ideas to boost your blog. 

  • Bloggers. Of course, bloggers in the same field are less likely to promote your content, but fashion is a topic that can be interesting for people in different spheres. Thus, you can find a reputable influencer and order a promotional post, for example.
  • Meta. Using Instagram or Facebook, you can set up an advertising campaign on your personal account.
  • Sponsorship. You can sponsor relevant events, for example, and they will introduce you to their audience. 

Of course, these promotions will cost you a certain sum, but if you choose a suitable blogger, set up an advertising campaign the right way, and choose the right sponsorship proposal, you will definitely hook many readers. You can also monetize your blog and earn even more than you have spent on promotion.

Fashion events

As long as you want to run a fashion blog, you should always stay in the middle of this field. Reputable and trending events are what your audience will definitely want to discuss, so why not interact with them and discuss this NYFW together? 

Stay inspired

Even if you get a million followers, you should always be on point and provide your readers with “young blood” not to miss your audience. We live in times when consumer demands make our business. To always be interesting to your audience, you must constantly develop your blog, provide fresh information, and differ from your competitors. Find those fashion representatives who inspire you and whom you want to follow; this will be your booster to reach new heights and stay exotic for your audience. 

These tips will help you start your own blog, but you should mind that continuous work is the main key to your success. Good luck!

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