Framing Cards

What good is a treasured card in a box? Framing special cards is one of my favorite and easiest DIY projects. My friend Shannon sends the most beautiful and thoughtful cards and I hate to clutter my fridge with things so I simply find a frame at the thrift store and place them around my house. We did this with some of our engagement and wedding cards too.

A few things to remember:

  • Research what your favorite retail stores are selling. Framed lyrics and quotes go for at least $20 at places like Target and TJMaxx. Make note of what appeals to you and try to replicate it at home with some of your cards. You can even buy your own cards! There are some seriously cute ones out there.
  • Frame cards with poems, quotes, lyrics or one of a kind images.
  • Cards with larger fonts work really well.
  • Add dimension to your frames. I like to frame 5×7 cards in 8×10 frames. They look less DIY-ish that way. But some cards look just fine in a smaller frame.