DIY Necklace Curtain Holders

When I was pinning my bookend diy project, I came across this curtain holder necklace pin with no link attached to it. I loved this idea but somewhat forgot about it. This weekend, I received the most beautiful bouquet of pink roses from my work colleagues and was trying to find the right place for them by the window but I also wanted to still be able to see them.  I began to tie my semi-sheer curtains into knots when I remembered the pin. I went digging in my pink storage chair and found a couple of necklaces I hardly ever wear anymore. I then pushed a thumb tack into the wall behind the curtain and pulled my curtains back with the necklaces. Although not as fancy as the necklaces in the pin,  I was just thrilled with this impromptu and ridiculously easy project. It instantly made my windows look a lot fancier, and now I can see my roses!