These have been popping up on Pinterest and other blogs a lot lately for the upcoming holidays. I helped Shanie, my crafty co-worker put together a bunch of these Santa-Tizers for our office holiday party. This can be a bit time consuming, especially if you’re making a big batch. So turn up the holiday playlist and enjoy making them with a friend!

Here’s our how to step by step:

What you need:
medium sized bottle of hand sanitizer
1 plastic red table cloth
sheets of black construction paper
sheets of white construction paper
sheets of gray construction paper
glue dots
label maker

Step 1. Preparation

  1. Use a scrap booking square punch to cut out the silver/gray squares for the belt. Use another punch to cut out two straight lines.
  2. Cut strips of black construction paper. approx.. 1 inch
  3. Cut pieces of red table cloth into rectangles. Measure your first one based on your bottle of sanitizer.
  4. Use scallop scissors for best results and cut strips of white paper
Step 2. Application
  • Peel all of the labels off the front of the sanitizer.
  • Using one glue dot, glue your white “trim” on the bottom
Using another glue dot, wrap your red paper tightly around the bottle
Insert the black strip of paper into the belt buckle
Wrap around the bottle, secure with a glue dot and trim any excess paper
Use a label maker and stick “Santa-Tizer” on the front.
{my photos were taken pre-label maker purchase}
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