Easy Chicken Teriyaki

 This recipe is so simple, I was almost embarrassed to share it.  I’m not gonna lie, I hate the mall but I love me some mall food. I spotted a woman eating chicken teriyaki in the mall food court a month ago and gave her the stank eye because I wanted it so bad but knew it wouldn’t be worth jeopardizing my Weight Watchers plan. Instead, I decided to make a low-fat version at home. The first time I made it too salty and I was bloated for days. The second time around it was perfect and the key was marinating the chicken and not adding any soy sauce. I don’t know why I added soy sauce to begin with; that’s just me trying to be fancy in the kitchen. Don’t get fancy, keep it simple and don’t give strangers the stank eye.

What you need (two servings):

Boneless skinless chicken breast tenders ( I used one full pack, so that’s about 5 tenders)
Teriyaki sauce (I used this one)
2 cups white rice (I like to use the Steamers, they are actually really good)
Sesame seeds
1 pack fresh sliced mushrooms

What you need to do:

Marinate chicken in teriyaki sauce in a large Ziplock bag. You can do this over night if you have the time, if not a half hour or so before is fine too. Fully coat the chicken, so use approximately 1/2 of the bottle.

Marinate mushrooms in teriyaki sauce in a Ziplock bag. Same as above, if you have time to this the night before it will taste even better. Again, add enough sauce to fully cover the mushrooms, so about 1/4 cup.

Heat large pan with cooking spray or olive oil

Place mushrooms in pan first because they take longer to cook

Place chicken in pan

Cover and cook until tender

Microwave rice (or prepare stove top rice)

Place chicken and mushrooms over rice

Sprinkle with sesame seeds

Monkey chopsticks optional.

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