Painting a Vintage Desk


I bought this desk/dresser almost two years ago at the Hartville Goodwill and although I’ve always loved the vintage/antique look, I felt like something was off, especially against my white furniture, so I decided that it needed to be updated. I made the decision to paint it pure white in the middle of the night and almost got out of bed to hit up a 24 hour store to pick up some paint. Because I’m working on my impulsive tendencies, I talked myself out of the ridiculous decision to start a painting project at 2 a.m., and instead waited until the following afternoon.

I picked up Rustoleum paint in semi-gloss white and a white primer. It only needed two coats of paint and it dried beautifully and evenly. I usually buy gloss paint but I think semi-gloss and flat paint are my new favorites. I picked up white hardware to replace the old, rusted ones and upholstered the chair with navy blue and red floral fabric seen on this notebook here. (I actually did that a few months ago, before I decided to paint the desk).

I’m so happy with the results, especially since it was surprisingly such an easy project. It really brightened up the room!

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