$1.50 Maxi Dress

Maxi dresses are an essential piece to a staple wardrobe. They are perfect for vacations, weekend wear, night outs, and to dinner. I mean really, what’s better than a comfy maxi dress at an all you can eat Indian buffet? Every single maxi dress I own came from the thrift store. I thrifted this floral maxi from Goodwill wait for it…for $1.50!

How I Thrift Maxi Dresses

I narrow down my selection before I even go to the store.   There are so many styles to choose from, there are chiffon dresses, casual jersey maxis, formal maxis, beach style maxis and so on. That’s why I always seek thriftspiration beforehand and take inventory of what I already own and need. I like to keep two staple maxi dresses on hand; one solid black or gray one for everyday wear and one bold, printed dress for fancier occasions.

I avoid low cut. Most modern maxi dresses are low cut or sleeveless so I keep an eye out for a practical cut that won’t leave me feeling uncomfortable throughout the day. I stopped buying super low-cut dresses when I realized I was extremely limited in the number of places I could wear these dresses.

Experiment with vintage. Maxi dresses were extremely popular in the 1970s and made a comeback in a big way in the last few years. If you can find an original vintage style, don’t pass it up! The styles are authentic and timeless. If you find a vintage style you love but doesn’t quite fit, consider getting it altered for a classic piece you will have for years to come. It’s always great to have at least one vintage piece on hand, and a maxi dress is the way to go!

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