What Kind of Thrifter Are You?

As thrift shoppers, we often share common characteristics; we’re environmentally-conscious, have a treasure hunting mentality, enjoy a good bargain, and often use thrift finds as a means of self-expression.

But my favorite thing about meeting other thrifters is learning about the different styles and motivations for thrifting. From collectors, to luxury brand hunters, we’re all searching for different things at different price points. Whether you’re a new or lifelong thrifter, there are many options for the treasure hunter in you!

You love a good old fashioned treasure hunt

If you enjoy the excitement of discovering hidden gems or maybe you have a specific item in mind, try a regular chain or local retail location for a traditional thrift shopping experience such as a Goodwill, Volunteers of America or Common Threads Thrift.

You’re value-conscious

Looking for a deep discount? Roll up your sleeves and get ready to dig at the Goodwill Outlet. These shoppers are always on the lookout for the best deals and may buy items in bulk, as items are priced by the pound.

You value vintage

Although most traditional thrift stores carry a variety of vintage items, you can also find additional antiques, artwork, collectibles, jewelry, and more at specialty vintage stores like Sweet Lorain or online on etsy, Facebook Marketplace, or eBay.

You’re a DIY enthusiast 

Creative shoppers who enjoy repurposing or upcycling thrift store finds should check out the Goodwill Outlet and rummage-type stores like Happy Tails Thrift for items that can be transformed into something else. Check out Crafty Mart’s free Crafty Closet as well!

You’re a collector

Passionate about collecting? Check out shopgoodwill.com for rare or vintage pieces to add to your collections.

You prefer a curated shopping experience

Not in the mood to hunt for a treasure? Looking for a gift? Try a local consignment store or the Goodwill Boutique. The boutique features handpicked brand name clothing, jewelry, shoes, and accessories in a boutique-like setting. Most items are like new or new with tags.

You are community-minded

Shopping and donating at a nonprofit organization supports programming your local community, so be sure to check for causes you care about.

Want a list of my favorite thrift stores in Northeast Ohio? Click here.

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