Our Thrift predictions

What will end up at the thrift store in the next few years? We have some predictions.

The thrift store: a place where our once beloved and popular items go to live out the rest of their lives until they are found and rescued once again. As styles change and fads emerge thanks to popular platforms like TikTok, we predict that a lot of these new products will end up at the thrift store – like they always do – in the next five to ten years. We’re sharing a list of things that are peaking in popularity at the moment that we believe will end up at secondhand stores in the next several years.

Mushrooms, Smiley Faces & Peace Signs

And we’re going to scoop them all up!

Gray & White Décor

Neutral colors exploded in popularity and we expect to see more of it in thrift stores as it gets replaced with brighter, bolder trends.

Fast Fashion

We started seeing a surge in fast fashion brands over the last five years and expect it to saturate thrift stores even more in the coming years.

Watermelon Slicers

We predict that watermelon slicers will join their fellow thrift staple in kitchen appliances: the beloved pineapple slicer.

Lots of Loungewear

Loungewear is here to stay, and as people start rotating their wardrobes, we expect to see a surge in donated sweatshirts, lounge sets, leggings, and comfy clothes.

Mini Cosmetic Fridges

Beauty and restocking videos on TikTok have amassed massive followings and mini fridges are constantly selling out on amazon. We predict these will end up at secondhand stores as new organizational trends emerge.

Roller Skates

Roller skating made a huge comeback during the pandemic lockdown and we’re starting to see more donated roller skates than ever before at thrift stores.

Star Projectors

Bedroom star projectors = Gen Z’s answer to the millennial’s glow in the dark stick-on stars

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