Things We Won’t Thrift

In the first episode of the podcast, we talked about thrift finds that still stop us in our tracks, despite decades of thrifting. In this episode, we explore the other side of that and share the things we won’t thrift. You may be surprised…cue mystery music.

Dina & Shannon: Underwear and lingerie

Dina: Buying an item only because it was cheap or cost $1. That’s how you end up with 100 things you never needed that each cost $1!

Dina & Shannon: Fast-fashion brands. We’ll make an exception if it’s new with tags or if we’re really drawn to the piece and it’s much cheaper than retail.

Dina & Shannon: Brands and styles that we don’t necessarily like but feel pressured to buy because they are trendy or carry an expensive retail price.

Dina: stuffed animals I can’t wash

Shannon: Worn out cookware

Dina: Electronics we can’t test – most thrift stores will have outlets to test out electronics but if it seems unsafe or outdated, I’ll pass.

Dina: Certain baby items like car seats, cribs, bottles. I worry about safety recalls.

Shannon: Mattresses

Shannon & Dina: Makeup

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