Things Our Grandmothers Owned That Are Coming Back in Style

Grandma chic, grandmillenial, the new old trend, whatever you prefer to call this trend, it’s having a moment. We’re rounding up things you probably saw at your grandmother’s house that are popping up all over modern interior design websites, Instagram, and Pinterest. Hint: If you’re into this trend, you can find all of these things at secondhand stores.

Wicker & Rattan

From baskets to chairs, thrift stores are bursting with vintage wicker and rattan. Get your inspiration from places like Anthropologie and head to your local Goodwill to find some unique pieces.

Textured Glassware

Bring a colorful twist to your table with vintage textured glassware. These are a thrift store staple.


Remember your grandmother’s velvet orange couch? Everything from velvet pillows, couches, bedspreads, accent chairs are back, baby.


Brass is back, and its taking over! From brass legs on furniture, to brass detailing in lights, end tables and accessories. Polished, matte, or antiqued, the look is unavoidable.

Retro Inspired Appliances

Retro design meets modern functionality. You can find retro appliances at antique stores, just make sure to check the wiring before plugging in old appliances. Or keep an eye out for retro-inspired appliances at secondhand stores, they’ll make their rounds there eventually!

Decorating with Plants

Plants are the new knick knacks. You can also find fake greenery at secondhand stores if you like the idea of plants as decor but don’t want to worry about keeping them alive.

If you listened to our podcast episode, these are some of Shannon’s granny favorite granny chic home decor items.

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