Secondhand Holiday Gift Ideas for Adults

Want to save money and reduce waste this holiday season? Save this secondhand holiday gift guide for the next time you’re out thrifting, and be sure to check out my other guide for 8 places to shop secondhand this holiday season.

First, here are some tips for thrifting gifts:

• Know your recipient
• Request to see wish lists
• Look for new, unused items with tags still attached
• Mix and match retail and thrifted
• Expand your thrift route and go to multiple stores
• DIY something
• Keep a running list

Jumbo candle!

Secondhand Holiday Gift Guide for Adults

Stocking Stuffers

Jewelry. clutches, wallets, travel games, art supplies, scarves

Mugs & Glassware

Check for new-in-box glassware or personalized mugs


Look for new, unopened games


Select a theme or genre of books, stack them, and tie with twine

Holiday Items

Ornaments, decor, and much more


Look for new, unused candles

Gifting Accessories

Boxes, tins, baskets, and more

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