8 Places to Shop Secondhand During the Holiday Season

Looking to save money or reduce waste this holiday season? Thrift your gift! Here are eight places you can find secondhand gifts this season. Remember: secondhand doesn’t always mean USED. There are plenty of brand new, unused items in the secondhand stream.

Buy Nothing Groups

Check Facebook buy nothing groups for your area for free items. You can also post your unwanted item as well.

Facebook Marketplace

While you’re on Facebook, check the marketplace for items on your holiday list. There’s now a shipping option so be sure to expand your search beyond your local neighborhood.

Traditional thrift retail stores

Go to multiple stores to expand your options.

Consignment Stores

These stores are great for brand name and unused items.

Swap Events

Check Google or Facebook for local swap events for free items.

Small Business Resale Shops

There are hundreds of small business resellers online who curate secondhand and vintage housewares and clothing.

Online Resale Platforms

Check sites like Poshmark, eBay, Etsy, Depop and more. Sort items with NWT if needed.

Estate Sales

Go on the last day for half off items! Check estatesales.net for sales in your area.

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