Rainbow Bookshelves DIY

I’ve had Studio DIY’s IKEA rainbow bookshelves hack bookmarked for a few years. Now that we are updating my toddler’s room to a colorful rainbow space, it was time to try this DIY.

What you need:

 MOSSLANDA picture ledges in the 45″ size. Note: Ikea products don’t come with mounting hardware, you’ll have to purchase those separately depending on the type of walls you have.

I swapped the paint she used with spray paint. Here’s a list of colors that I used.

I didn’t sand mind the way Studio DIY did. I sanded the first one and found that it didn’t make a difference at all.

Simply mark where you need the shelves to be and mount them with a drill. I followed Studio DIY’s trick of spacing them about 14″ apart, but of course measure your space accordingly.

Then, the best part: color coordinate your books and enjoy all the rainbow goodness!

I thrift the majority of my toddler’s books, however I love supporting authors that promote diversity and inclusion. Click here for a list of books that we love.

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