How To: Layer Necklaces

Layering necklaces is like creating a masterpiece on your neck. As effortless as it may look, creating that blanket of baubles can be challenging at times. It’s much easier to buy an already layered necklace, but the possibilities of layering your own individual pieces are endless. You’d be surprised to find how many combinations are available to you using the accessories you already have. I recently bought a personalized name necklace and I was trying to find pieces that I could layer it with. I had a look in my jewelry box and found about 10 different options! Layering is really easy when you know how to do it properly.

LAYERING WITH PEARLS: I feel like you can layer practically anything with pearls. You can add chains, charms, feathers, beads, stones or even more pearls-and it will look classy.
LAYERING WITH STATEMENT NECKLACES: This has always been a tricky challenge for me. It almost feels like I’m wearing entirely way too many accessories when I wear statement necklaces, but adding a simple charm that coordinates well with the statement piece isn’t distracting at all. Try layering with same shade pieces with statement necklaces, it looks like you bought it that way!
LAYERING WITH 3+ MIX AND MATCH PIECES: This is one of my favorite types of layering. Mix and match as much as you want. When you’re shopping for necklaces, think about buying pieces that you can mix and match together. Like beads, feathers, charms, chains etc. Go home and get creative! When I layer with 3 or more necklaces, I try to make sure the middle or second layer is the one that makes the biggest statement, like the feathers in this example.
LAYERING WITH THE SAME STYLE NECKLACE: This can be so fun and so cheap. For example, these simple beaded necklaces are summery and will add color to any look. They cost only $1.50 at Forever 21, take the same simple necklace and add on the layers! You can do this with one color or multiple colors. Try this style with other styles too like layering with the multiples of a chain necklace, pearls, all gold or all silver.
All of the necklaces pictured can be found on the Forever 21 website.
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