Your next manicure: 4 colors to bookmark

Manicure anxiety is real, guys. I’ve mentioned several times on this blog about my lack of decision making skills and the nail salon is no exception. One time the manicurist got so impatient with me because I went in with full intentions to get a nude color and ended up with fire engine red after going back and forth about a dozen times. Here’s a round up of some of my favorite shades in case you’re anything like me. Good luck out there.

  1. Longing For London
    is the perfect shade if you’re looking for a neutral with a little extra something. I love it for the office and workwear.
  2. If you want to match every hanging basket in your neighborhood, Carnival Hangover
    is the way to go.
  3. I’m always looking for a great coral, and Pacific Sunset
    made the cut.
  4. Another great neutral, Forever Beauty
    is a pretty peach-ish nude.
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